Sad loss of a baby giraffe at HESC

Sad loss of a baby giraffe at HESC
After five days of spotting a lone giraffe calf at various intervals, we decided to search for its mother. During the search, we discovered the carcass of the female giraffe – her calf close by. We suspect that the mother had died due to the drought, or perhaps her advanced age.
Our guess was that the calf must have been about two weeks old, as she still had a piece of the umbilical cord on her. We called Dr Rogers to dart the baby and move her to HESC. The baby was already getting weak and very skinny, with its hipbones sticking out.
baby giraffe at HESC
baby giraffe at HESC
We began the process of introducing her to a bottle, but this proved to be very difficult. She took the teat, but would not suckle. Her condition deteriorated, and sadly she passed away within 48 hours.
baby giraffe at HESC baby giraffe at HESC
Even though this young calf was with us for just under two days, we still feel saddened by its loss.
Rest in peace, little one.
Baby giraffe at hesc

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  1. Bernie

    Very sad lost indeed. But it’s very difficult to raise giraffe calf, like a baby elephant I think.
    Other thing, why HESC don’t tells us about the lions yoy care of and we heard roaring ?
    Best regards.

    1. HESC

      Hi Bernie,
      We have two resident lions Mufasa and Scar. Both have been mentioned a few times on our blog: There was also Caesar and Sarah, who sadly died due to old age. You are more than welcome to send us your email address so we can send you our quarterly newsletter of all the happenings at the centre.

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