Salome and her cubs are moved out of the maternity ward

Salome-&-Her-5-cubsSalome and her 5 cubs are loving their new enclosure

It’s unbelievable how much Salome’s cubs have grown. They’ve now outgrown the maternity ward and need a bigger space. So on the 21st July 2015, Christo (head curator) and his team moved the cheetah family to their new and bigger space.

All have settled in really well and the cubs are clearly in their element.




Their new favourite spot is on the termite mound, where they will spend many hours playing and hiding. Their curious faces are always on the look out for something else to climb and explore. And all the while, Salome watches and relaxes from close proximity.

Although the cubs are no longer viewable via the Livecam (Africam) as the enclosure they are now in doesn’t have a camera, we will keep you updated as to their progress.