Security upgrades to the rhino boma


After the recent false alarm at the rhino boma, where Gertjie and Matimba spend their nights, the anti-poaching unit and HESC management have decided to do another upgrade.

In addition to the motion sensor beams and permanent guard, we have now put up a 24 strand 7900 volt electric fence that will serve as an added barrier to any would-be poachers wanting to get near the two orphaned rhinos.


With the completion of this fence, our next focus is going to be the construction of a state-of-the-art perimeter fence to help detect any unwanted visitors. We are still at the planning and costing phase of this project, but hope to begin construction as soon as possible.


We would just like to thank all our sponsors and donors for their generosity. Without you we would not be able to complete these much needed upgrades to keep these magnificent creates safe.