September Students – Update 2

Snakes alive!

More from the September intake of the HESC Student Programme. The girls were brought face to face with their worst nightmares at the snake park. We say goodbye to Loreley today (we’re not sure if she really does have to visit her great aunt in Benoni before returning home, or if the visit to the Khami Reptile Park has just sent her running for the hills!). 😉

Amber Pope:

We went to Khamai Reptile Park where they have an amazing collection of venomous snakes. We watched (from a safe distance) as our guide Chris fed a rat to a black mamba. He also gave us a very interesting talk about what to do if you get bitten – “DON’T PANIC, use a pressure dressing and go to hospital.” He then gave a demonstration on how to pick up a puff adder using a snake pole. He allowed me to try, but I was unsuccessful – he (the snake) kept on falling off the pole. This was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Kinsey Kohls:

Last week I tested my FEARS. We went to the snake park (something I was hoping to avoid). Snakes and I do not mix!!! I decided to skip the rat feeding part, and opted to hang out with the turtles instead. We ended up having a red parrot join us for lunch. I did learn a lot about first aid, and I left the park feeling a lot better than I did going in.

Love from Africa, Kinsey

Loreley Picourt:

Almost two weeks at HESC and I’ve learned so many things. Apart from the snake park, we also went to Kruger National Park where we had a big breakfast. I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m gonna miss this place so badly!!!

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