September/October Students – Final Update

Cheetah cubs

Sarah getting a ‘high five’ from one of the cheetah cubs

Three weeks can seem like an eternity, or they can literally fly past in the blink of an eye. It all depends whether or not you’re enjoying where you are and what you’re doing. For our latest intake of students it seems it was definitely the latter, as their final update bemoans the fact that it’s already come time for them to leave. Since introducing them in mid-September, these four adventurers have seen and done a lot. You can read more about what they got up to in their first and second updates, but sadly, the time have come for us to bid them farewell.


Three Rondawels

Vicky and Sarah at the Three Rondawels

We’ve known that it was coming for a while, but now that it is finally our last day here, we are all so sad to be leaving. Maybe now the tears will come! We’ve had to say our goodbyes to the animals, the staff, and our home for the last three weeks: Nungu Camp. What an incredible experience this has been. This final week included driving the Panorama Route, where we got to stand in Echo Caves, see the Three Rondawels, and look through God’s Window. All this sightseeing was topped off with some really yummy pancakes in Graskop, which is South Africa’s unofficial ‘pancake capital’. Who knew that chilli in a pancake would be so delicious!

Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani

Sarah and Vicky on Somapani at Camp Jabulani

Our last day culminated with an incredible Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani. It was amazing to be so close to these impressive animals. Our ride on Somapani, a real gentle giant, was very relaxing considering how high up we were! Afterwards we definitely felt like we had been riding an elephant. Who thought we’d ever say that!  So now all that’s left to do is pack and say farewell to South Africa. Anyone reading this and thinking of doing it, don’t hesitate! It will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. It certainly has been for us. Remember to visit our Facebook and Flickr albums to see more photos of our adventures.

Greetings from Africa

Vicky, Sarah, Ingrid and Wilfried