September/October Students – Update 2

HESC-Students feeding the cheetahs

Sarah aka Iron woman about to feed the cheetahs

It’s already been two weeks since we introduced our new students, and since their last update our gang of four has been really busy. In between all their chores they also managed to find the time to go sightseeing as well. Apparently there still haven’t been any tears.


The week just keeps getting better and better. We really feel like part of the team now, and are even getting used to butchery duty. And still no tears!

We got the opportunity this week to visit the Kruger National Park, and were lucky enough to see three of the Big 5, as well as loads of other amazing animals. On our off day we quad biked around Blyde Canyon, which offered great scenery and proved to be a lot of fun as well. We also got to go on a game drive in the Kapama Nature Reserve, where we watched the sun set with a sneaky cider in hand. A survival day in the bush has afforded us the skills to find and make our own toothbrush, toothpaste and local anaesthetic. And food isn’t a problem either, because now we know to just follow those baboon tracks.

HESC Student Vicky with civet

Vicky with Savannah serval

We have also been privileged enough to meet a tame four month old serval named Savannah. Cute doesn’t come close to describe her. The other day we changed the lions’ water. An easy feat you say? Not when their water bowl is the size of a paddling pool.

HESC Student with cheetah cub

Soccer practice with one of the cheetah cubs

The cubs are growing fast and are becoming more mischievous by the day. We really enjoyed our game of football with them, until the inevitable happened and one rambunctious youngster popped the ball. Poor thing got quite a fright.

We can’t believe how quickly our time here has gone. It’s true, time really does fly when you are having fun. We are having the most incredible time and don’t want to leave. We love HESC. Remember to visit our Facebook and Flickr albums to see more photos of our adventures.

Greetings from Africa,

Vicky, Sarah, Ingrid and Wilfried