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HESC - Weeping-Boer-Bean

The Weeping-Boer-Bean snug as a bug in a ball of dung

We’re pleased as punch to announce the recent launch of our two new sustainable eco projects. The “Weeping-Boer-Bean Tree” and “sharing is Caring” projects both came about as a result of Camp Jabulani’s constant striving to create eco initiatives and sustainability practices. We joined heads with the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, our sister operation, and came up with an innovative way to recycle the constant supply of elephant dung we have at our disposal.


The “grow-it yourself” kit “which is now on sale at HESC” consists of an elephant dung ball with potting soil in the middle. All you have to do is plant the bean (which you’ll find in the kit) in the soil and add water. We’ve also included specific instructions and additional information on your new tree in a separate envelope (to avoid a potentially smelly situation). This inspired idea is in support of National Arbor week which takes place during the first week of September.


We’re also collecting and recycling the mountains of elephant dung that our herd so kindly deposits all over camp for us. Sold as a “soil amendment”, these bags of poo (there’s no polite way of saying this) are also available HESC. This somewhat unusual souvenir doubles as the perfect fertiliser for your garden, and at just R30 a bag, visitors to the Centre are sure to ‘smell’ a bargain. Funds raised will go towards aiding the area’s anti-poaching rhino patrols.


The elephant dung/manure contains rich plant material and improves the soil structure. This enables it to hold more nutrients and water, and therefore become more fertile. Animal manure also encourages soil microbial activity, which promotes the soil’s trace mineral supply and improves plant nutrition. It also contains some nitrogen, as well as other nutrients that assist in plant growth.

All in all, a pretty good deal don’t you think? If you’d like to know more please don’t hesitate to email or call us on: 015-793-1633 or 083-654-2299.