Simon Mnisi – soldiering on…

Many of you will remember the hard working Simon Mnisi, who assists the Animal Curators at the Centre, and is studying for his Field Guiding Level One qualification through FGASA. Mr and Mrs Roberts, founder members of the U.S. Friends of HESC, are sponsoring Simon’s studies and books. Simon has been hard at work along with the other staff members studying for their FGASA qualification. Karen, our student coordinator, has been teaching and assisting Simon with his studies.

Karen assisting Simon and some of the staff members on the course

Every Monday afternoon for three hours Karen teaches Simon about the different modules within his FGASA qualification and he then writes a test on the previous week’s modules that were discussed.

Karen and Simon one-on-one

With the help of Karen and the Centre manager, Gretha Scheepers, Mr and Mrs Roberts ordered additional study material for Simon to assist him in his studies.

Simon with Mr and Mrs Roberts

A note written to Simon in his Birding Book from Mr and Mrs Roberts

Simon also took the Roberts on a guided walk to show them the various things that he has learned to date.

Simon taking Mr and Mrs Roberts on a guided walk

Simon shared some information with the Roberts about the Weeping Wattle, which can be used whenever there’s no toilet paper at hand in the bush ;).

Weeping Wattle

With the various termite mounds around the Centre, Simon explained to the Roberts’ how the termites all work together to look after one another. No termite mound is the same and all you actually see is ‘the tip of the iceberg’ – a termite mound can be double or even triple in size below the ground.

Termite mound

We wish Simon everything of the best as he continues his studies, and will keep you updated with his progress.