Skype session between HESC and Queens Creek Elementary school, USA

Skype interaction with US school
On Wednesday the 24th of February, our student coordinators held a Skype session with grade 4 learners from Queens Creek Elementary school. in the USA. The topic of discussion was waste recycling. The Queens Creek Elementary school. is an International Green School, and a big supporter of recycling.
Student coordinator, Tanita, started off the Skype session by introducing herself and her special companion – a baby leopard tortoise. This piqued the learners’ interest, as Tanita shared a few lesser known facts about this oft-forgotten animal species.
Skype interaction with Queens Creek school
The discussion then moved on to the topic at hand. Tanita explained the concept of the vulture restaurant at HESC, in that all leftover meat and bones are consumed at vulture restaurant by the raptors. She also taught the learners about the endangered conservation status of the vultures, as they are threatened by poisoned carcasses, as well as by people who kill them for medicinal purposes. The idea of vulture restaurants is a common one on many reserves for the protection of the species.
HESC Skype interaction with Queens Creek school HESC Skype interaction with Queens Creek school
The topic of elephant dung was raised by the learners as a good example of recycling in practise. Tanita explained that dung was an excellent source of compost, and could also be used to make paper – a far better alternative to cutting down trees! The discussion shifted to the importance of recycling plastic, glass and metals too.
Skype interaction with Queens Creek school
It was such a delight for Tanita to engage with these inquisitive minds, as they asked many questions and had a very keen and authentic interest in conservation through recycling. It is very heartening to know that the future is in the hands of those who take an active responsibility in the need to preserve it.