Spotlight on: Heinrich De Jager and Kobus Erasmus

Last month was full of goodbyes and hellos! The HESC team bid a sad farewell to two of our longest-standing guides, Tokkie and Danie, who moved on to new opportunities. This meant that it was time to say hello to some new faces. Meet Heinrich and Kobus…
Both of our new guides are from Limpopo, Polokwane (purely by chance).
Heinrich has a lot of experience working in conservation, after working at Sondela Wildlife Centre for two years, while studying captive animal management.
This is what Heinrich has to say:
What made you decide to work here?
“I wanted to learn more about the endangered animals that we have at the Centre.”
What do you enjoy most about working here so far?
“I am really enjoying learning about the breeding project and seeing animals every day.”
What are your future goals?
“I would like to start my own Centre on a game Reserve. The Centre will teach me a lot about working with different people and about animals”
Kobus recently finished his BSc Zoology degree at the University of Pretoria and has worked at a company doing adventure camps.
This is what Kobus had to say:
What made you decide to work here?
“The overwhelming love and passion for nature. This also provides me with the opportunity to learn more about conservation.”
What do you love most about working here so far?
“The diversity of people that you get to meet is always fascinating. And then getting the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of all things nature that we have to offer here.”
What are your future goals?
“I would really like to overcome the bridge between the ever-expanding human population and conservation of nature. Working at HESC can give me an opportunity to see all sides of the bigger problem, and to start working on solutions.”
We wish them both the best of luck!