Spotlight on: Henk Labuschagne

Henk on elephant back safari at Camp Jabulani


Position at HESC

General Assistant

How long have you been at HESC?

I worked at the Centre as a guide for 15 months, went away to work at a Lodge for a year and then started at HESC again on the 1st of May 2013. I fell in love with the centre!

What do you love most about HESC?

Being able to work with animals not often seen in the wild, especially the wild dogs – being my absolute favorite! Having that “hands on” experience helping the curators with daily activities such as feeding, breeding and assisting with any medical procedures. Working with international students doing our student programme and to be part of the process to RELEASE sick, injured, orphaned and vulnerable animals back into the wild where they belong once they have been rehabilitated! Also just educating the public on conservation.

Future Goals

To help grow the Centre to its fullest potential – even more so as it already is, and ultimately to manage an Animal rehabilitation, breeding centre similar to the HESC.