Spotlight on: Ruan Roos

Ruan Roos

Introducing Ruan Roos, the latest addition to our team!

Ruan was a manager of a restaurant and bar for two years in Polokwane before deciding to follow his passion for the environment and animals.

Ruan’s favourite part of working here is being able to meet so many diverse people, and being able to teach them more about the work we do and the environment around us. HE is also enjoying learning so much about the fauna and flora.

HESC_Ruan Roos1

“The work that HESC does made me fall in love with this place. They were generous enough to give me a chance and make me part of this wonderful environment” says Ruan.

In the future, this cheerful and easy-going young man would like to learn as much as he can by doing different courses that teach him about the environment. He would like to end up working in one of the big reserves in Kenya or Botswana. He is also keen on getting involved in wildlife photography and nature documentary making.

Welcome to the HESC team, Ruan!