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The HESC staff’s ‘out there’ cheetah

When Mondi Rotatrim and Waltons Gauteng challenged us to build a cheetah, we weren’t in the slightest bit fazed. We are a Cheetah Centre after all.

But it didn’t take us long to realise that it is much easier to draw blood from a real cheetah than it is to build a cardboard one.

We began by cutting the cheetah out of its two dimensional world (which turned out to be the easiest part). And then we tackled the daunting task of figuring out what belonged where, before sticking it all together.

There were eight of us helping to build the cheetah, and everyone had to hold part of it as we waited patiently for the glue to set.

And then it was time for the fun part! Painting!

We decided to make ours a King Cheetah. We used Decron to imitate its signature  spots (which are bigger than those of a normal cheetah), and the feathers of Marabou storks (obtained from our vulture restaurant) for the well defined stripes that run down the King Cheetah’s back.

After many hours of hard work we finally finished our magnificent King Cheetah.

What a fantastic experience! We would like to thank Mondi Rotatrim and Waltons Gauteng for their generous donations, as well as affording us the opportunity to discover our artistic talents.

This experience reminded us just how important the work we’re doing here is, and how privileged we are to be able to be in such close contact with these extraordinary animals on a daily basis.

It would be extremely sad if the only cheetah our grandchildren ever got to see was a cardboard one.

Our King Cheetah currently holds pride of place in our auditorium, serving to remind us of our goal


Our challenge to you is make/paint/draw your own cheetah to keep you motivated and remind you that


And then email us and we’ll post it on our Facebook page. Click here to view the rest of the Mondi/Rotatrim cheetahs.