Cheetah cub getting a new bandage from Dr. Peter Rogers

On arrival it has been an amazing time.  We have 4 children, I help look after varkie (warthog), Chippie (cat), Noddy (dog) and Apie (monkey).  The days have varied from scorching hot days to days that have been wet and cold!  We have had an amazing ten days so far.
From waking up at 04:00 to help vet students vaccinate cows in Acornhoek to taking a cheetah cub to the vet because she hurt her leg in a tree and now has pins in her leg.

Cheneye & Bridget about to feed the cheetahs

Generally I would be very annoyed with waking at 05:00 three times a week, but going to the butchery and preparing the food for animals might have changed me over a little.

Cheneye holding a baboon spiper at Khamai Reptile Park

There is still so much we are going to be doing and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.  Our camp atmosphere is amazing and always ending up in laughter whether it be tripping over the same thing or a red roman running past while we enjoy dinner.
That is all till next time…