Student Blog: 22 April 2014

Only 1 survivor left; Ingrid!  Apart from the usual; a few things out. The usual (just in my world) was preparing the meat, feeding the cheetahs, lion, the wild dogs and all the various small cats!  We also had to make new beds from hay (and feeding them), the cheetah in rehabilitation and the leopard.
The first big thing was when Dr. Rogers from Provet  arrived to treat the horribly injured big female rhino.  It is amazing how knowledgeable he is.  I watched him remove the old cast, cleaned the wound and replaced it with a new cast.  Everything is so skilled and he knew exactly what to do.  All this suffering for survival to satisfy human kinds idiotic needs!!!
Another big thing was visiting Pro Track anti-poaching unit.  I can’t even begin to start telling the astonishing word thy do!  It all started a long time ago with bush meat, but now it’s moved to rhino poaching all corrupt and ever more sophisticated!  Is there any hope?
Then I had a wonderful experience riding an elephant at Camp Jabulani.  You know to experience what’s that is like but then I also saw a lion couple that add to everything.  Karen gave me a very important lecture on conservation, a real eye opener!  Then came Easter, a big weekend for visitors!  I got the pleasure to look after the little Easter bunnies and guinea pigs, showing kids (and adults) how to hold the little ones.  It’s amazing how satisfying that is.  The little babies (bunnies) were loved by everyone.  What a great spirit!!!
Good bye for now