Student blog: 27 January 2014

If we could sum these last three weeks into one word, we couldn’t.  Simply because we don’t think there is one word to describe what an amazing experience we’ve had as a group.  We have been able to be completely hands on with every task given to us and things we have witnessed will have been a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The main highlight for us was observing and helping with the recasting of the rhino’s and it is even more apparent how special all the animals are.  We said our goodbyes to Savannah and Kris yesterday which was great.  We took Kris on a final walk for one he was playing ball with our efforts, for the most part.  HESC is a very special place and the people make it even more so.  We would like to thank everyone for the time, patience and generosity and for making us feel so welcome.  These last three weeks have gone so quickly but we hope we will be able to come again.  We are so sad to be leaving but we can say we’ve enjoyed every minute.
All the best with everything in the future.
Ps.  How could I forget to mention Jabulani> my elephant ride was amazing.  I was almost in tears when I met the founding elephant in the flesh; his grace took my breath away. (Alice)
Sophie, Alice, Tamsyn