Student Blog – Final Update 8 July 2013

Ana assisting Nina with injecting a buffalo

On Thursday we went on an Elephant Back Safari at Camp Jabulani. We went with them on their morning walk, walking around Kapama. All the guides were extremely helpful and lovely. We then had a presentation on conservation and how to manage a game farm. In the evening we had a sleep-out, taking turns to keep watch and make sure that the fire was kept going.


Group B had butchery in the morning, and Group A did meat truck. After lunch we got to go in with a tame cheetah and have pictures taken with him. We then had two guides take us on a game drive around Kapama, where we saw the whole Moria pride of lions.

Buffalo herd


This was survival day. Tabs and Karen took us around Kapama, teaching us how to survive if we ever got lost in the bush. After lunch we finished off our assignments, and attempted to make a fire using only sticks…

Trans-locating buffaloes

Buffalo on Kapama

This was a day for relaxing. We went on one final game drive around the Centre with Tabs and Karen, and had a farewell braai with all the staff at Nungu Camp.