Student Blog: Introduction 15 August 2013

In the back row: Joanna Clark; Courtney Peters, Lucy Catroll, Margot Schotte, Rebecca Williams, Bethany Wildash, Lizzie Malachowski and Sophie van Mil. In the front row: Megan Forster, Nina Mikkelsen, Kaatje Steenhout, Eva Steele, Karin Nieuwenhuizen and Andrea Haueter

We would like to welcome the latest groups of students to our Student Programme. We have 14 students in total; however two of them – Margot Schotte and Bethany Wildash – will only be staying at the Centre for a week. Here they introduce themselves:

Hi, I’m Sophie van Mil from Holland.

Hallo, I’m Karin Nieuwenhuizen, also from Holland.

Good Day, I’m Lizzie Malachowski from England.

Hi, I’m Lucy Catrol from Wales; I enjoy travelling, different cultures, and music. I’ll try anything once. I work at the DVLA in the finance department.

Hi there, I’m Rebecca Williams, also from Wales; I’m a teaching assistant and I like to travel during every school break.

Hallo, I’m Joanna Clark from the UK, and I love lions.

Hi, I’m Andrea Haueter from Switzerland.

Hi, I’m Courtney Peters from Cananda. I’m a Wildlfe Biology undergraduate university student.

Hello, I’m Kaatje Steenhout from Belgium, but currently live in the UK.

Hi, I’m Nina Mikkelsen from Norway.

Hi, I’m Megan Forster from the UK.

Hello, I’m Eva Steele from Leeds in the UK.

Hi, I’m Bethany Wildash originally from the UK, but currently live in Angola.

Hi, I’m Margot Schotte from Belguim.