Student Programme – Introduction: 9 February 2014

Julia Schiesswohl;Felis picon;Chloe Dillion Brooks;Daniela Gioeni;Giulia Mangiagalli;Chloe Farrington1Julia Schiesswohl, Felis picon, Chloe Dillion Brooks, Daniela Gioeni, Giulia Mangiagalli and Chloe Farrington

We welcomed a new group for the student programme, and here they introduce themselves:

Felisa Picon from Chile:  I’m a vet dedicated to food safety.  I love nature and always wanted to come to South Africa for I love big cat’s most of all.

Chloe Farrington from Ipswich UK:  I’ve just left school and I am on a gap year applying to veterinary medicine so I’m spending this year getting different work experiences with animals.

Giulia Mangiagalli from Milano Italy:  I’m an Italian girl, who is attending the last year of the University of Veterinary Medicine.  I love animals and always love to learn new things, so I decided to participate to this project.

Chloé Dillion Brooks from California USA:  I love animals and I am hoping to be a wildlife veterinarian someday.  Cheetahs are my favourite animal.   Recently graduated with a biology degree and emphasis in Pre-veterinary medicine

Daniela Gioeni from Milan Italy:  I’m a vet student (fifth year).  I want to know more about African wildlife.  I went to Kenya 2 years ago and It remains in my head.  I wanted to come back to Africa.

Julia Schiesswohl from Austria:  I’m a friendly quiet person, who love new countries, cultures and animals.  I’m open for every adventure and I love animals.