Student update: 18 February 2014

Students at the micro light flightsStudents at the micro light flights

Since the first day we arrived, we fell in love with South Africa. We’ve been introduced to delicious traditional foods, and learned how things are run at the Centre. Whether it’s feeding the cheetahs, working alongside a veterinarian or chopping up bloody meat, we are always busy here!

In our free time we have excursions to Hoedspruit town, Blyde River Canyon, Khamai Reptile Centre, Pro Tack Anti-poaching Unit and the majestic Baobab tree.

Felisa at the Khamai Reptile CentreFelisa at the Khamai Reptile Centre

Daniela mastering her photography skillsDaniela mastering her photography skills

Calvin showing the students different type of snaresCalvin showing the students different type of snares

On one of the nights we went on a game drive through the Kapama Big 5 game reserve. During our drive we saw many animals, but the highlight was when we saw a pride of lions hunting at night!

Hyena pups in KNPHyena pups in Kruger National Park

Male lion on Kapama Game ReserveMale lion on Kapama Game Reserve

Felisa and KrisFelisa and Kris

We also got lectures on the animals here as well as South Africa’s geography. One of the places had an awesome time at, is the Kruger National Park.

We are very excited about what’s going to happen next.

Stay tuned!

Preparing brunch in KNPPreparing brunch in Kruger National Park

Daniela and Guilia with ChrunchieDaniela and Guilia with Chrunchie