Student update: 27 January 2014

A big part of our days since the last update has been the baby rhino. We have been taking turns on the night shift care of “Gertjie”, feeding him every three hours and sleeping within his enclosure. We are pleased to say that he is adapting well and he is now weighing 110 kg. He is already famous: local news has been broadcasting updates regularly!

Speaking of rhinos, we also helped the veterinarian Dr. Rogers change bandages on the resident female rhino. Dr. Rogers said that she will be completely healed within the next couple of treatments.

Thursday last week we visited the Khamai Reptile Centre, where we each held a Burmese Python and learned about the most venomous, the most dangerous and the most feared snakes in South Africa – the Boomslang, the Puff Adder and the Black mamba.

Saturday last week we took a trip to Kruger National Park. We saw a lot of animals, including a baby hyena, a Saddle Billed stork (very endangered), many elephants, and many color full birds. We enjoyed a cookout brunch and a lunch within the national park.

Tuesday this week we were visited by Paulos Ngobeni Primary School. We told them about the cheetahs adaptions and physiology. The children then had to do a small assignment and draw a cheetah. Afterwards we took them on a small guided tour during which we showed and told them about servals, lions, vultures, the endangered Ground Hornbill and meerkats. We spend the afternoon denailing and painting poles for the school children’s new jungle gym.

Yesterday (Thursday) we went to Camp Jabulani where we enjoyed an elephant back safari. After our safari we each went on a 20 minute safari flight during which we saw elephants, buffalos, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, impalas and wildebeests.

Back at camp Nungu, Tabs gave us a rifle handling lesson, and we all did a little target practicing. Afterwards we showcased our assignment projects on birds and insects.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we are having a survival day and a sleep out. On Sunday we will be visiting Jessica the Hippo and the Baobab tree. Here’s to a great final 3 days!