Student Update: 7 July 2014

On Tuesday we all arrived and got situated in the camp. We had orientation and got taken around the Centre and introduced to all the animals. We were split into groups A and B.
Some of the jobs that we have to do are butchery (removing fat from the meat) and feeding the animals. Feeding happens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The two groups alternate feeding the cheetahs or the small cats and other species.We also get to help with maintenance of the animals’ enclosures.
While taking care of the animals we get to see cool things like the cheetah run and meeting the servals and Gertjie the baby rhino.
On Monday we took Chippy the ‘house’ cat to the vet because he cut his back paw trying to jump a fence. We got to watch him get stiches to close up the wound.
Some of the activities we have done so far are visiting Jessica the hippo. Jessica is a tame hippo that you are allowed to feed and touch.
We went on a boat trip in the Blyde River Canyon and went on a game drive around Kapama Game Reserve.
We also visited a local school that the Centre has ‘adopted’ named Paulos Ngobeni. While we were there, we planted vegetables in the vegetable garden for the children.
It has been a long, hectic week with long days but it has been very enjoyable and interesting and we have learned a bit. The team is all very friendly and welcoming.