Student Programme – Introduction: 17 September 2012

Clare Stiff, Teresa Columbin, Louise George, Kirsten Weir, Julie Anley, Patricia v. Bergh;in the back Serena Andreotti, Daniel SilvaClare Stiff, Teresa Columbin, Louise George, Kirsten Weir, Julie Anley, Patricia v. Bergh; Behind: Serena Andreotti, Daniel Silva

A total of eight new students have arrived at HESC. Two of them are here on their honeymoon, Serena and Daniel, all the way from Barcelona in Spain, and they are only joining us for one week. Pat, who has travelled to HESC all the way from the USA, is also our oldest volunteer at the age of 78 years old!

Meet our students:

I’m Daniel Maeso from Barcelona, Spain. I’m a funny man, and I love wildlife animals and pets. I love travelling and I got married just a few days ago.

Hi, I’m Serena Audreotti from Barcelona, Spain. I’m here on our honeymoon. We didn’t want to have a regular trip. I love nature and wildlife, especially cats.

I’m my name is Jules Aney and I’m from Manchester, UK. I’ve always had a passion for big cats and am looking for a break from working in an office. Here’s hoping for some adventure.

My name is Tez Columbin from Portsmouth, UK. I have always had a passion for animals and studied Zoology at University. I’m hoping to gain valuable experience to further my career.

Hi, I’m Kirsten Weir and I’m from England. I am currently studying anatomy at Bristol University, but wish to continue studying veterinary medicine next year.

I’m Clare Stiff from England. I live in London and work in food hygiene. I love cats.

Hi, I’m Pat Van Berg from the USA.  I have been a guest at Buffalo Camp in the past. 20 trips to Africa (this time for 6 weeks), second trip to volunteer with animals, the first time was with Pandas in China.

I’m Louise George from France, but I work in England in a bar. I’m on a gap year before applying to university to study Zoology.

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