Student update – 24 August 2012

Students at Provet blStudents at the vet with the King Cheetah

This week we have been very busy doing a variety of things including working in the butchery, feeding and cleaning at the Centre. We have also visited two vets – one who operated on a king cheetah and a vulture, and the other where we learned about foot and mouth disease and its prevention in the local community.

Rhino on KapamaRhino on Kampama Game Reserve

So far we have seen four of the Big Five – lion, rhino, buffalo and elephant around Kapama Reserve. We’ve also watched two male cheetahs enjoying their freshly killed impala. Also, we had a very exciting sighting when we got to see a pangolin in the wild!

Male cheetah on KapamaMale cheetah on Kampama Game Reserve


And we took some amazing photos at the Centre

Cheetah cubs feasting with momCheetah cubs feasting with their mom

Chelsea & Savannah, the ServalChelsea & Savannah, the Serval

Dirk feeding the NjalasDirk feeding the Nyalas

We are looking forward to what comes next…watch this space!


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