Student's introduction 16 August 2012

Kathryn Beeston;dirk v.d. Maas;chelsea Lee; Ashley Betche;Sophie GibsonKathryn Beeston, Dirk van der Maas, Chelsea Lee, Ashley Betche & Sophie Gibson

Five new students arrived at the Centre, with two to follow on Monday the 20th.

Hi I’m Ashlee Betche from the US. I am a zoo keeper working with animals from Southeast Asia. I also went to school working with all types of big cats. I love all animals, but big cats are my passion.
Hi, I’m Chelsea Lee also from the US. I love working with animals. I have been working at a zoo for 3½ years. I work with all kinds of animals. I also went to school dealing with big cats.
Greetings, I’m Kathryn Beeston from England. I want to work with animals as a career in future. I’ve done lots of voluntary work in the UK.
Hi there, I’m Dirk van der Maas, from Netherlands. I’m a happy, enthusiastic guy. I like to learn new stuff. I can be busy and active all day and like to interact with people.
Hi, I’m Sophie Gibson from England.  I am a third year vet student at Bristol University, although have just taken a year out to study veterinary pathology. I live on a sheep farm in Cheshire, England.

Sophie & Ashley with SavannahSophie & Ashley with Savannah, the serval

The two students who arrived on Monday are Mireia Anton Lura and Christina Vindel

Robles all the way from Spain.

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