Sunlight on Michael

HESC - King Cheetah - Michael

Michael is currently adopted by Marinella Spagnolli from France

Since February is the month of love, we thought it appropriate to focus on Michael – one of our king cheetahs, as this Cassanova recently paid a visit to Lovers’ Lane.

Lovers’ Lane is the area we use when we want to breed with our cheetahs. A female cheetah will only go into oestrus when she meets a prospective mate, so we encourage some of our eligible bachelors to patrol this lane in order to ‘strut their stuff’ for the ladies.

Michael was in Lovers’ Lane for about a week, and his magnificent coat definitely attracted attention from the fairer sex. Not surprisingly this handsome fellow got the chance to mate. We’ll let you know whether or not his efforts bear fruit.

Michael is about four years old now, and the oldest of our king cheetahs. What makes him stand out is his impatient nature. As his enclosure is right across the Deli, Michael is the first animal to welcome everyone to work in the morning. As soon as the first person approaches, he heads straight to his feeding camp and walks up and down with his tail swinging from side to side.

He reminds us of a pregnant woman that’s waiting impatiently for her husband to bring home the ice-cream she’s been craving all night long. Michael often gets sudden bouts of energy, which have him running up to the small hill in his camp and jumping right into his slanted tree. He certainly keeps us entertained. Click here to see more photos of Michael and our other cheetahs.