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Update: Donsie the Blue Crane

Donsie the Bluecrane, has been with us at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) for a while now. She was attacked by a bird of prey and broke her wing. Despite valuable efforts of everyone involved, Donsie’s rehabilitation did not go as planned. Along with this, a sore developed on her leg which struggled to heal and worsened her overall condition. The decision was made to keep Donsie at HESC as…
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No bird brains over here!

    Picture taken by Lusinda Oosthuizen When our two Southern ground-hornbills were still juveniles, a pair of wild hornbills adopted them and took it upon themselves to ensure that the youngsters were properly fed. They would arrive each day with tasty morsels, which they would then feed the young birds through the fence. Now that our birds are adults the wild hornbills still visit regularly, but they’ve since cottoned…
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