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Good News on Sophia, the Cheetah

  After we recently posted on our cheetah Sophiah who has been unwell, we received so many enquiries from supporters that we’d like to update you on her progress and fill those in who may have missed our initial posts. At the beginning of last week she suddenly became very lethargic and disinterested in her food. We contacted Provet Wildlife Services to come and have a look. Dr. Jenine Rabie and…
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Update on a few of our released cheetahs

In this blog update, we share with you an update on Aschanti, the female cheetah released on Makutsi, and the three cheetahs that were released onto Blue Canyon. All is well with Aschanti, the female cheetah released onto Makutsi Game Reserve. A short while ago, the staff at Makutsi were convinced that Aschanti had had a litter. This was based on the fact that she had been sticking around the…
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