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Did you know? Interesting facts about the Cheetah

International Cheetah Day 4/12/2017 Cheetahs used to roam freely in northern and southern Africa as well as certain parts of Arabia. Cheetah females have large home-ranges in which they hunt. Males usually form coalitions after leaving their mother. These coalition usually has a hierarchy, and only the dominant male will get the opportunity to breed. These coalitions enable cheetah males to better defend themselves and hunt larger prey animals that will…
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The survival and genetic diversity of the cheetah

The Cheetah is classified as vulnerable in the IUCN red list . This is due to different factors, but most importantly the poor genetic diversity in the species. Many researchers believe this came about 10 000 years ago when extreme climatic changes drove many animal species to extinction. The cheetah species that survived this period (now known as Acinonyx jubatus) found itself in a genetic bottleneck with only a few…
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