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St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival 2019

From 3 to 7 April 2019, St Mary’s School and Investec hosted the 20th annual hockey festival. The festival not only assists in creating a platform to elevate young women in sport but also helps in raising funds towards Rhino Conservation. This year the total amount of funds raised at the festival was an amazing R184 312, which Investec Rhino Lifeline will match, bringing the total amount raised at the…
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The Kindness of Individuals in the Rhino Crisis

Last month, we at HESC spent a day with Investec and British actor, Nicholas Pinnock, and American actress, Shannon Elizabeth dehorning rhinos, in a campaign to expose international audiences to the realities of the rhino crisis. Investec set up the Investec Rhino Lifeline  as a way to do their part for rhinos: by educating young people, aiding rhino rescues and focusing on ways to reduce the demand for rhino horns….
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HESC introduces Lumukisa Preparatory to Investec Rhino Lifeline (IRL)

Investec Rhino Lifeline (IRL) and HESC have been in partnership since the beginning of the year and since then IRL has helped to donate towards the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC, which we couldn’t be more grateful for. As 19 September marked World Rhino Day, we thought it befitting to introduce Lumukisa Preparatory School to Investec Rhino Lifeline. Through our collaboration with IRL, we’ve been introduced to two organisations – Coaching for…
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