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Another baby rhino arrives at HESC

On Wednesday the 13th of April 2016, another young rhino bull was brought to the centre. The approximately 2 weeks old tiny baby had been discovered by a field guide on one of our neighbouring properties. He had noticed that the baby was being rejected by his mother, as she repeatedly pushed him away as he tried to get close to her to suckle. No one knows for sure why…
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Our loving and loveable Lammie

Lammie is a Thaba Manzi Pedi breed sheep. These sheep are small framed, naturally polled and fat-tailed. The Thaba Manzi Pedi breed have a flat, shallow body and long legs. They have outstanding mothering abilities and can even defend their lambs from jackals. They are exceptionally hardy animals and seldom get sick. Their coloration varies from uniform brown to white with a red/brown head; and a variety of black and…
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