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PRESS RELEASE: British Princess attended release of a cheetah in a wilderness reserve

HESC released a seven year old captive-bred female cheetah in the Pidwa Wilderness Reserve during January 2019. The release formed part of the Southern African cheetah meta-population programme facilitated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), and entails selectively releasing captive-bred cheetahs to enhance the genetic diversity of the limited number of free-ranging members of the species in Southern Africa. The release is conducted in three stages. The first stage entailed a…
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Hoedspruit’s Cheetah Whisperer

Mrs Lente Roode Many people around the world speak of a woman in Hoedspruit who communicates with cheetahs but this is no old wive’s tale. Whether fact or fiction, we at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) know one thing for sure. Mrs Lente Roode, founder of HESC, has a special connection with cheetahs whether bred in captivity, or in the wild. How it all began In 1950 Lente Roode’s father,…
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