Thank you – February 2017


The Platter Project

The Platter Project that aims to create awareness around wildlife conservation and organ donation; and this they achieve by selling beautiful hand-painted platters. Diana Wilkinson of the Platter Project is currently battling kidney disease and is in need of a transplant. She spends her good days creating these magnificent platters to help raise funds for various charities.


HESC recently received a second donation from The Platter Project. A BIG thank you to Henrietta and The Platter Project for their continuous support!

 Rhino SA and Trinityhouse Preparatory Little Falls

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In an effort to raise funds for the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC, Trinityhouse Preparatory Little Falls and Rhinos SA sold ‘rhino shaped cookies’. They managed to sell 2000 cookies and raised an amazing R4950!

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Well done to Trinityhouse Preparatory Little Falls and Rhino SA. It really makes us proud when the next generation understands the importance of conserving our wildlife and endangered species from such an early age. We are grateful for all your efforts.

Phoebee and Baylee Roberts – Raising Rhinos


It is always heart-warming to see little ones show great initiative and help raise funds for the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC.

Young Phoebee (10), and her sister, Baylee (8), sold cupcakes and biscuits at the Bunny Park market to raise an impressive R2300. Thank you to these amazing girls for their generous hearts.


This was not the first time that Phoebee has raised funds for our rhinos. She is a true nature conservationist in the making!

Tatiana Tamussino Ferreira


A BIG thank you to Tatiana Tamussino Ferreira and family for their generous monetary contribution towards the care of the animals at HESC.


Books Galore Sunninghill


Books Galore Sunninghill donated more books towards our community enrichment programme. We are very grateful for their support. Thank you!

 Online donations

As usual, we’d also like to thank each and every one of our supporters who continue to give generously via our online portal and PayPal.

If you are able to assist us, please follow these links. On PayPal, click on ‘send’, add the email address, choose the amount you’d like to contribute and click ‘continue’.

The HESC team