Thank You – July ’16

Mount Kilimanjaro - climb for a cause (HESC)
Without donations, adoptions or visits to our centre, we would not be able to carry on doing what we do. We would therefore like to acknowledge and thank each and every individual and the businesses who have assisted (and continue to assist) us through their various contributions.
Here are some of our sponsors for the month of July:
PPC - sponsor to HESC
PPC Cement – Our friends at PPC Cement have continuously supported us throughout the years. They have generously donated 500 bags of cement to the HESC.
G&H Transport – G&H Transport assisted us in transporting the cement to the HESC.
Zeta - anti poaching dog at HESC
Giellie Nienaber – Giellie Nienaber donated tennis balls for our anti-poaching dogs, Bullet and Zee. They love their new toys!
Bullet - anti poaching dog at HESC
Exclusive Books – Exclusive Books contributed another 50 books towards our educational and community enrichment projects.
Four Seasons Art Studio – Thank you to everyone at Four Seasons Art Studio who generously donated towards milk for the Rescued Rhinos @ HESC.
Milk for rescued rhinos at HESC
Stafford Bros & Draeger (Pty) Ltd – Stafford Bros & Draeger donated more Country Pasture milk for our animals.
Kyron Laboratories – Kyron Laboratories is a specialist animal health company with a wide range of products in the animal health field. They offered discounted products for our orphaned rhinos.
Mount Kilimanjaro - climb for a cause (HESC)
A group of supporters climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in an effort to raise funds for the HESC. We truly appreciate this selfless act.
We also have to express our gratitude to everyone who has made a donation on our online platform and via other avenues.
We are truly humbled by your generosity.
Thank you!