Thank you to Panarottis I’langa Mall and Lowveld High School


Panarottis I’langa Mall has adopted our orphaned rhino Gertjie. In an effort to help feed him, they are running a promotional campaign every Wednesday to collect as many boxes of ProNutro for him as possible. For a box of ProNutro (original flavour-Wheat Free) the contributor will receive a FREE Kid’s Pizza or Pasta in exchange.

On the 19th April, Panarottis I’langa Mall teamed up with Lowveld High School. They came to The Centre to hand-over boxes of ProNutro which had been collected. They brought a total of:



  • 90 Boxes of 500g Wheat-Free ProNutro
  • 21 Boxes of 1.5kg Wheat-Free ProNutro
  • 44 Boxes of 750g Wheat-Free ProNutro
  • 5 Packets of 10kg Wheat-Free ProNutro

We are absolutely thrilled at their generosity, and send a heartfelt THANK YOU, together with Gertjie, to everyone who supported Panarottis I’langa Mall in this initiative.