The Air Force Base Hoedspruit visits HESC


airforce1Our Air Force base guests ready to go on their tour

On Thursday 21 July, we had the pleasure of hosting visitors from the Air Force Base Hoedspruit. Our special guests went on one of our daily tours around the centre. However, this was not just any standard tour, it was our way of thanking them for their help and involvement with HESC.
We took them to the sable dip and feeding system, which they donated and helped us to build. It is a very nifty system where the dip sits in panels and drips down ropes that rub against the animals’ skin when they are feeding from the trough. When we took our guests to observe their creation, we were fortunate to catch the sables in action, proving the success of their very clever initiative.

airforce3The Air Force guests admiring their creation at work

airforce5The AFB Hoedspruit crew watches on as sables feed on lucerne

We also took them to Gertjie and Matimba’s new camp, which they had had a hand in fixing, as well as putting up new gates to ensure these rhinos are as safe and as happy as possible.
airforce4Our wonderful guide, Isiah, showing our Air Force guests Gertjie and Matimba’s camp
It was our absolute pleasure to host these guests for this special tour. We cannot say ‘thank you’ enough to the Air Force Base Hoedspruit for their many contributions over the years.
airforce6 A very big thank you to Air Force Base Hoedspruit for all of your contributions