The HESC Community Art Gallery opens its doors

HESC - Art Gallery

Don’t bug me when I’m in my creative zone

HESC’s focus has always been the conservation of endangered animals, but we’ve since decided to branch out into more creative endeavours. The HESC Community Art Gallery was conceptualised to showcase the works of local artists, with a percentage of all funds raised going directly to running costs of the HESC and its many animal residents.

All the artwork exhibited has wildlife as its subject matter and aims to raise awareness about the unique disposition and behaviours of African animal species – many of which are endangered. A variety of art-types are on display, and are available for sale, including (but not limited to) oil paintings, watercolours, sketches and pastel work.

In the pipeline is the introduction of art classes where underprivileged learners from the Paulos Ngobeni School will have the opportunity to discover and learn about art as a means of self-expression and the practicalities of the different artistic mediums.

Broadly speaking, the objective of this initiative is two-fold – to ensure the financial wellbeing of the HESC and to support local talent by giving artists a platform to showcase their creations.

Never to rest on our laurels, our young Picassos have also come to the party. A variety of Cheetah Cub Abstracts are also on offer as a memento to visitors of their experience at the HESC.

Click here to read more detailed profiles of some of the artists whose works are exhibited at the HESC.