The Kindness of Individuals in the Rhino Crisis

Last month, we at HESC spent a day with Investec and British actor, Nicholas Pinnock, and American actress, Shannon Elizabeth dehorning rhinos, in a campaign to expose international audiences to the realities of the rhino crisis.

Investec set up the Investec Rhino Lifeline  as a way to do their part for rhinos: by educating young people, aiding rhino rescues and focusing on ways to reduce the demand for rhino horns.

“Time is running out for the African rhino. Over 7000 rhinos have been poached in the last decade. We couldn’t sit by and watch these amazing animals be wiped off the earth. Rhino’s will not survive without our help. Poaching of this majestic animal is arguably the most significant conservation issue faced by our country. In response to this crisis, Investec Rhino Lifeline was born. Our hope is that future generations will not be robbed of the awesome experience that comes with seeing a rhino in the wild,” says Investec.

During his trip with Investec, Nicholas Pinnock was exposed to the people and communities who are dedicated to saving the rhino – such as HESC – and added his voice to the rhino crisis.

Watch the video here: 

“Dehorning young rhinos that are orphaned through poaching plays a part in ensuring the survival of the species. It’s everybody’s responsibility. There is so much more that still needs to be done to ensure the survival of the species,” says Investec.

Investec encourages people to do their part in adding their voice or money to the fight.

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Every little bit truly matters!

We have received incredible donations over the years, sometimes anonymously, sometimes with a name we recognise or don’t recognise, and often with a note of kindness attached…

Here are a few of these messages, which we are sharing as a way to bring hope, to show the incredible kindness of people around the world!

Thank you to partners like Investec for their hard and inspiring work. Thank you to our remarkable donors! Thank you to our readers and followers for spreading the message and love!

 A word from our donors…

“Hi Lente, Adine and HESC. Donation from us all at Hike4Rhinos Pacific Crest Trail crew towards the rhino upkeep at HESC. Thank you for all the tremendous work you all do for our wildlife.”

“As a mum, I managed to nurture my children into adulthood. If there is anything you can do, please help the mums, elephant and rhinos, who for whatever reason, can’t be there to nurture their babies.”

“I love Mopane.”

“I spent a memorable day at HESC last May. I am very fortunate to have enjoyed that experience and I wish I could do more to help.”

“Love your Instagram and thanks for the nature.”

“Thank you for doing what we physically can’t! Proud to support you!”

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