The Miss Deaf SA 2011 finalists are coming to visit

Miss Deaf SA 2010 finalists

Miss Deaf SA 2010 finalists in front of HESC

Last year’s visit proved to be such a success that we decided to invite the Miss Deaf SA 2011 finalists to spend a few days with us at Nungu Camp as well.

Lente Roode (founder of Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC)) and Willa Riekert (Organiser of Miss Deaf SA and Coordinator from HESC) have put together a fun and exciting three day programme, which aims to offer these prospective beauty queens some valuable “hands on” experience at the Centre. The idea is to help them work on their self-confidence.

In order to be a good Ambassador for South Africa’s deaf society, the winner needs to possess the necessary capabilities and to be proud of her achievements. Parents are often too scared to introduce their deaf children to domestic or wild animals, and there is also a big lack of communication between deaf people and those that can hear.

Deaf people need to be given the chance to prove that not being able hear doesn’t mean they can’t communicate, and definitely shouldn’t exclude them from opportunities such as working with wild animals.

On their first day at Nungu Camp the finalists will be taken on a tour of HESC, where they will get to meet the Centre’s many residents. The second day is somewhat more challenging, as the ladies will spend their time preparing meat in the butchery and then feeding the cheetahs. On day three we’ll take them on a bush walk for some much needed fresh air.

The girls will be with us from 4-6 October, and we’ll be sure to take lots of photos so you can see exactly what they got up to during their stay. In the meantime feel free to visit the Miss Deaf SA website or Facebook page to find out more about these beautiful young ladies.