The power of one is boundless

Olivia with Max

Having your own cat is great, but having your very own cheetah is so much more exciting. Olivia Banda realised this when she decided to adopt Max recently.

HESC affords individuals the opportunity of exclusively adopting a cheetah for an entire year. ‘Adopters’ receive a dedicated plaque at the entrance to their cheetah’s enclosure, as well as recognition on our website.

An adoption gift pack consisting of a coffee table book, an adoption certificate and a pewter wildlife spoon is also included in the price, as is an automatic subscription to the Cheetah Chat Newsletter and quarterly updates on the cheetah’s progress.

The money received from the Adoption Program is used exclusively for the cheetah’s care (food, supplements, maintenance of its camp, as well as any medical attention it may require).

HESC came up with the Junior “Cubs’ Adoption Programme in a bid to encourage aspirant young conservationists to make a difference. Kids can choose to adopt either Max or Sheila.

Sheila (3 months)

“Never underestimate the capacity of an individual to make a real difference.”