The Tale of Tailless Stompie, a Brave Rhino Survivor at HESC

Stompie arrived at HESC in a critical condition, on Tuesday 10th November 2015, nearly three year ago. He was approximately seven months at the time.
This brave, and determined young rhino calf, not only had to go through the horrific ordeal of losing his mother to the hands of violent poachers,  but somehow survived an attack on himself, from what we think could have been a hyena. It is possible that he may have been trying to protect his mother’s carcass.
The animal that attacked him had managed to bite his tail off, and had chewed at his rectum area. Needless to say, little Stompie was in huge physical and emotional pain when he arrived.

Stompie’s arrival at HESC, 10th November 2015.

Dr Roger’s was set up and ready to treat him straight away, when he arrived. It was soon to be discovered that infection had set in, and had spread into his rectum walls too. It was going to take quite some time to get him back to health.
Dr Rogers treating Stompie’s wounds upon arrival at HESC

Stompie slept with his rear in the air at times, due to the discomfort of his wounds being in such a sensitive area.
Stompie sleeping with his rear in the air, due to his injuries

Stompie had multiple treatments, but it wasn’t too long until Dr Rogers had him in a much better bill of health.
Another orphaned rhino whom we named Balu, arrived very soon after Stompie, and they hit it off straight away when they met. They were excellent company for one another, and they never left one another’s side;  much like Gertjie and Matimba’s relationship.  In fact, all four of the “boys” ended up spending quality time together.
Stompie with Gertjie, Matimba and Balu

Stompie healed well, and he gained strength fast, he had created strong bonds with the rhino’s and some of the staff at HESC too.

Stompie still chooses to spend majority of his time with Balu. They both currently share land with  Khulula, Olivia, Nhlanhla and Lulu; bringing an equal mix of males and females to the group.

Stompie and Balu, best of friends for the past three years

It gives us such pride to see what a strong rhino bull he has grown to become. We can only hope that the horrific ordeal he went through is now a very distant memory now.
Stompie_rhino_2018Stompie in 2018. Strong and Bold.
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