Tiaan and the Lure Machine

Tiaan waits patiently for the Lure Machine to be set up...notice how he's drooling!Tiaan waits patiently for the Lure Machine to be set up…notice how he’s drooling!

Many of you will remember that we introduced the Lure Machine, which was invented at the Centre, a while ago. Over the weekend we decided to take Tiaan, our male cheetah, for a run using this clever piece of equipment.

Since Tiaan is unable to get the kind of exercise he’d get in the wild – short bursts of intense speed when hunting, the lure maching is used to encourage the kind of exercise he needs, keeping him and other cheetahs both fit and healthy.

It has been successfully used to exercise, amongst others, cheetahs, wild dogs and racing dogs.
Follow this series of photos as Tiaan sizes up his “prey”, launches into action, captures it…and won’t let go! He held on with great determination for at least ten minutes! Unfortunately we missed the shot of Tiaan in full sprint – he was just too quick for us!

Primed and ready for action...Primed and ready for action…

And...GO! Tiaan leaps into action!And…GO! Tiaan leaps into action!


Not even the lure of a tempting plate of fresh meat will get Tiaan to let go of the mop!Even the lure of a plate of fresh meat won’t entice Tiaan away from the mop!