HESC Visitors and Tourists

Tourists & Visitors

HESC presents a fascinating insight into rare, vulnerable and endangered animal species and animal conservation efforts at large. It offers fun and engaging tours, and specialised excursions to visitors. A range of accommodation options are also available for visitors looking to stay longer. This is the ideal base from which to explore the Greater Kruger area. Funds raised through all tourism activities directly contribute to our conservation projects.

Daily Tours

Visit HESC - Daily Tours

Standard Tours: Following an introductory presentation, day visitors will embark on an in-depth tour of the centre.


Curio Shop and Deli

Visit HESC - Curio Shop and Deli

Visitors can choose from a selection of tasty breakfasts, cakes, home-cooked meals and traditional South African dishes.



Visit HESC - Accommodation

Khula’s Cottage; Sebeka Guesthouse; Nungu Camp.


The Wildlife Conservation Experience

Visit HESC - Wildlife Conservation Experience

HESC offers the opportunity to experience, first hand, the work of the centre. This intensive 21-day programme is divided into 3 main sections: Participation; Conservation; and Sight Seeing. This is for the adventurous spirit looking for a unique African adventure; for the passionate animal lover; and for the conservationist.


Scholar Programme

Visit HESC - Scholar Programme

To equip scholars with the aptitude to conserve the wildlife of southern Africa; to build awareness of conservation on a broader global scale; and to facilitate the experience of the beauty and rich diversity of South Africa.



Visit HESC - HESCies Scouts

It is important for children to understand and learn about conservation from a young age. The youngsters of today are constantly engaged in a world of technology, and therefore do not always get the opportunity to connect with what is going on around them.



Visit HESC - Rates

Bookings essential.