Tracking dogs


Security is of the utmost importance at HESC, and on the greater Kapama Game Reserve. The threat of poachers is always present and so our security team is always on high alert. Tracking and alerting is performed with the help of man’s best friend, dogs!

John and Naomi Swarts from ‘Rent-A-Dog’ breed and train tracking dogs, and have agreed to send two of their best to assist with the plight of the rhinos, and the protection of all the animals. They will be arriving at the centre later this year.



Heidi and Allan Roberts have shown their invaluable support by providing the centre with dog harnesses, long leads and GPS collars, to assist these canine guards.

There are, of course, monthly expenses involved in keeping this project going. This includes dog food, kennelling and the dog handler’s salaries.

HESC is entirely reliant on donations and with your help we can continue to protect the rhinos in our care.