Tragic news regarding Louis the lamb


We have some very bad news today. A tragic accident over the weekend led to the death of our beloved lamb, Louis. One of our assistant curators was busy feeding our two orphaned rhinos (Gertjie and Matimba) and their lambs when she had to move the vehicle out of the way for guests to pass. But little Louis had walked under the vehicle without her noticing, and was badly injured when it rode over him.

Louis was immediately rushed to the vet were the doctor treated his wounds, gave him stitches and took x-rays. He was brought back to The HESC where he was taken care of around the clock by the anxious team. After two days Louis still did not want to use one of his legs so the curator decided to take him back to the vet. Louis was sedated to enable the vet to take more x-rays and to examine him further, but he sadly never woke up from his sleep.

He will be remembered at feeding time when he would come looking for Karien/ Anri. He would come looking in office, the hospital, once he even walked down with the guests, until finally he would find them in the animal kitchen making the bottles.

​​​Louis loved to be heard, and would bleat to get attention. But he was never once jealous of the rhinos.​We are all deeply saddened and will miss the little guy terribly.

RIP Louis! You have taken a little part of our hearts with you.

The HESC Team