Two cheetah cubs treated for eye infection

Cheetah cub at hesc

Two of our young cheetah cubs recently developed an eye infection. This was caused by grass seeds which entered both their right eyes.

We’ve had substantial rains in the past weeks which has resulted in the grass growing significantly long in a short space of time. Unfortunately, this can have its own disadvantages.

IMG_7653 IMG_7654

According to Dr. Peter Rogers from Provet, the seeds are so small and, therefore, hard to detect. Dr. Rodgers flushed the cheetahs’ eyes with water and then administered some antibiotics.

Both cheetahs’ right eyes were then stitched closed for two weeks in order to heal. On Monday, 13 February 2017, Dr. Rogers came back to take out the stitches. He flushed the eyes with some water and then administered eye drops in both the cubs’ eyes.

Both cubs were also vaccinated and we are pleased that both are doing well.

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