Update: Mopane the elephant

The month of March was a difficult time for Mopane. Several updates were posted on Social Media regarding Mopane and his health:
During the early days of the month, Mopane was on a drip to keep him hydrated. The heat in Limpopo worsened the situation and his fluid intake was not as desired.
Further tests included blood samples taken and a faecal swab. Dr Hamish Currie, who joined Dr Rogers from Alphen Veterinary Hospital, had a look at the faecal sample in the HESC microscope and reported that no Motile Protozoa was visible.
Protozoa is a type of bacteria that cause disease (pathogenic) and the types that are normally found in the digestive tract are normal flora. The culture, however, will still take some time to get final results.

Left: Dr Hamish Currie looking through the microscope.
Right: A drip being administered to Mopane.

In the middle of March, Mopane made a drastic turn for the better! His energy levels are back on track and his stool samples seem to be getting thicker. The little elephant is also picking up weight which is a great sign of improvement.
Although HESC is very positive about Mopane, it is important to remember that each elephant is different and has challenges of their own.
Mopane was weighed this morning and his weight is back to 97 kgs! We are thrilled and extremely relieved. Thank you for everyone who kept him in their thoughts and prayers. 
Updates will soon follow on Mopane! Keep your eyes peeled and on our blog!