Update on #72’s treatment: 29 May 2015


On Friday 29 May, Dr. Peter Rogers came in to conduct further treatment on rhino bull #72.

He was sedated as usual, and his wounds were cleaned with a dilution of Chlorhexidine and Peroxidemix and treated with antibiotics to further facilitate the healing process.

He was also given vitamin shots and Meticam was administered to help relieve the pain once he returned to a state of consciousness.



Dr. Rogers was very pleased with the way the wounds were healing but was a little concerned that the rhino still seemed a little underweight. The most probable cause would be the fact that the bull is still getting used to his new surroundings. At the moment he is getting half a bale of lucerne mixed with a bale of tef, which he is not eating as he still prefers to graze on the camp’s grass. We are however closely monitoring his eating habits.




An antidote was ministered and the rhino bull was up in no time.