Update on Bullet, our anti-poaching puppy

Bullet, anti-poaching puppy at HESC

Time sure does fly! This cute little bright-eyed puppy will be turning nine months soon. Bullet is not only growing fast, but he’s turning into a handsome young chap.

Bullet is healthy and doing great. Tracking is one of his favourite activities and he excels at it. He gets very excited when it’s time to go tracking, and can already track humans. One can almost see how proud this Malinois hound is of his accomplishments, especially once he’s successfully found whatever it is he was tracking!

The energetic Bullet loves playing with his ball and just running around – like any typical puppy. He also enjoys playing ‘hide and seek’. Bullet will fetch a stick when thrown and return it to the handlers, practicing his retrieves through play.

Bullet, anti-poaching Malinois at HESC

We are very proud of the progress he’s made and look forward to seeing him fulfil his purpose of successfully protecting our rhinos some day.