Update on Bullet

Practicing the 'down stay'

Practicing the ‘down stay’

Bullet, our anti-poaching puppy, is growing up fast and it is with a sense of real fulfilment that we’ve watched him getting bigger and more confident over the past few weeks. Currently, most of his time revolves around playing and learning new things.

We recently took Bullet to visit a farm where he was exposed to different farm animals – including pigs, sheep, turkeys, ducks and roosters. This was quite an experience for Bullet as he is more used to the wild animals at HESC.

Learning the 'down stay' is easy with Wilber by his sideLearning the ‘down stay’ is easy with Wilber by his side

Bullet seemed happy to meet and play with other dogs on the farm, but there were a few times his handler had to step in and calm him down when he got too excited playing with the more domesticated dogs.

Bullet continues to train and practice the commands to ‘sit’, ‘sit-stay’, ‘lay down’ and ‘lay down-stay’. His handler is quite impressed with his progress when it comes to understanding commands. Our little puppy-in-training enjoyed tracking and going for walks on the farm, and can already track 10+ metres. Walking on a leash is, by now, a breeze!

Playing with Shadow, the Boston Terrier, is always funPlaying with Shadow, the Boston Terrier, is always fun

This young puppy is making great strides in his training, and we have no doubt he will be a very valuable addition to the anti-poaching unit in no time at all!

We will keep updating you on his progress.

Yours in conservation,


Resting before play resumes Resting before play resumes

Practicing the 'sit-stay'

Practicing the ‘sit-stay’